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Remember when you were young, you used to ask your mum whether you too could find the bears’ cottage in the woods and eat the porridge and use the chair and sleep on the bed? Even though you have grown up, the little girl is still inside you somewhere who is as sweet and innocent as Goldilocks. Keeping this in mind, we bring you Goldilocks costume.

You have grown up doesn’t mean you cannot wear one of your favourite character’s costume. The Goldilocks costume is just for you, so you can have your day off and be the sassy girl again.

We at GoldilocksCostume.Com welcome you to a world of fabulous costumes and accessories! For years, children have loved the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. You can easily transform yourself into the blonde haired little girl with an adventurous side by choosing a Goldilocks costume. Whether going as Goldilocks for Halloween or playing her part in a play, we can help you along the way.

To create your Goldilocks costume, you will need a yellow dress or one of a golden shade. Choose a dress that was made from gingham to get a wholesome appeal. You do not want a dress that is too long or one that is too short. Choose a medium length dress with a childlike touch as sweet Goldilocks was a little girl. Over your chosen dress, you will want to wear an apron or pinafore in white. In the back, you should tie it in a big beautiful bow. A pair of knee stockings in white is the perfect way to complete the look and give a young feel to the costume. You can black patent leather shoes to the outfit. Try to find a pair with buckles to take your costume back in time.

Natural blondes can have a lot of fun with the Goldilocks costume. They can roll their own hair into small ringlets to get the perfect appearance. For those with other colors of hair, a blonde wig filled with tiny curls will be perfect. A large bow in yellow should adorn the back of the head. To make the Goldilocks costume match the character, a teddy bear can be carried in your arms or even a wooden bowl and spoon.

To have some fun with your children, you can dress as Goldilocks and have your small children dress as the bears. Everywhere you go, you all will be the talk of the town as the story of Goldilocks and Three Bears unfolds before their very eyes.

The Goldilocks costume for the ladies is one costume that will make you stand out. Available in all sizes, it is a mini-dress in light yellow, reaching halfway your thighs. It is an elegant piece with adjustable corset style. It has lace and puffed sleeves to catch up with today’s fashion. The material is soft and comfortable to wear for long time.

You get various trimmings for the added look. You can get a blond, perfectly curled wig to go with the outfit. Now you don’t have to fuss over how to style your hair and won’t have to spend extra time too. Just adjust the wig and you are done!

You can get the exclusive teddy bear bag too. It goes with the story line and a bag always comes in handy! It’s a blissful disguise. Another important complement for any dress is to have the perfect shoes to go with it. Since you are no longer the tiny girl, we offer an exquisite range of shoes to match with the Goldilocks costume.

So what are you waiting for ladies? Get the Goldilocks costume which makes you look innocent as well as sexy, at the same time!

Accessorizing Your Costume

There is no better way to complete the look of Goldilocks than with a wig of golden blonde hair. For many young girls and the young at heart, Goldilocks can take on many looks. Some may choose a beautiful blonde wig of tight ringlet curls and others may prefer a straight long look. Pigtail styles held with colorful bows are popular while others might prefer a larger bow centered on top the wig. Goldilocks can leave home ready for her porridge with a bowl and spoon. A durable plastic bowl and larger plastic spoon would be ideal especially for younger kids. Selecting a soft and cuddly teddy bear for your Goldilocks would be the perfect accessory for showing off your sweet trick-or-treater.

Measuring for Your Goldilocks Costume

You don’t have to be “lost” like Goldilocks when it comes to measuring for proper fit for your Goldilocks costume. A well-fitting costume is one that is neither too tight nor too loose. To measure properly, be sure to measure your waist, hips, and chest, as well as your height and weight, prior to shopping. Compare your measurements to the size chart for your chosen Goldilocks get-up. When in doubt, order ‘up’ a size.  While most costume retailers have liberal return policies, its no fun to return a costume and hope that its replacement arrives before the day that you plan to wear it!

Again, the characters from fantasy tales provide a great deal of inspiration for Halloween costumes. How about a Goldilocks Costume this year? Give Goldilocks the twist you like – from the sweet little costumes available for the little ones to the naughtier ones available for young and mature women. They can be accessorized easily with golden wigs and even golden sashes and shoes with gold buckles. The dresses are made from gingham for that perfect appeal and you can easily find a size that fits you perfectly. Add on an apron and the look is complete. Set out on your quest to look for the Bears’ cottage.

Goldilocks Costume for the Little Girls

A little girl always has fascination to dress up as one of the most charming and beautiful one around her peers. She wants to be the innocent cute girl. We have exactly what you would want for the Halloween or the next costume or theme party. Nothing is better than getting a Goldilocks costume to get that sweet look.

Goldilocks was the sweet girl who went to the three bears’ cottage. She was a little confused and naive girl. So if you are the same as hers, you should definitely get a Goldilocks costume.

The Goldilocks costume for little girls includes the following components. The major part is the dress. It comes in all sizes for young girls. It is a knee length frock made of cotton and polyester with frills and laces. The dress is easy to wear and ensures that you do not feel uncomfortable at any moment. It comes in yellow and blue shades. It is a beautiful piece with contrast polka dots. It has a zipper at the back for perfect fit. This Goldilocks costume has a puffed sleeves which goes with the latest trends.

The accessories with the costume give you the complete Goldilocks look. You get a matching satin headbands and ribbons, to give your hair an incredible look and feel. The Goldilocks costume is never complete without a sweet little teddy bear, from the original story. Also you can get white stockings, with imprints of teddy bears on it. All this adds to the look of the Goldilocks costume.

We can also offer special shoes to match completely with the outfit. Now it depends on you, what you like and what you want to add on to get the perfect look. Log on to the site today!

Goldilocks and the Three bears is a story that everybody has heard.  Even now, parents still tell this tale to their children to warn them about the dangers of wandering into somebody else’s house and touching the items of other people.  Goldilocks is the little girl in the story who was named because of her golden locks. Curiosity got the best of her and she entered the house of the Three bears while they were not home.  She ate their food, sat on their chairs and laid on their beds.  Eventually she fell asleep in the smallest bed, which was the bed of the baby bear.  Imagine her surprise and fright when she woke up to face three angry bears. Luckily, she escaped unscathed.  This tale ahs been told many times in hopes to instill a sense of warning to children to keep out of stranger’s house.

Dress your little girl as Goldilocks this Halloween.  Do not forget to include the golden locks which goldilocks was known for.  There are many stores where you can purchase a Goldilocks costume so you do not have to make one yourself.  Goldilocks is not a common choice for many Halloween goers so you are sure to gain an original look.

Goldilocks is a good character to choose because Halloween is a time where children will go door-to-door asking for treats. The wandering characteristic of Goldilocks fits well in this activity.  Your child will be happy to play such a cute and lovable character from the original story.  Find a shop that sells these costumes and prepare for the up coming Halloween season.  There are many styles to choose from and as long as you remember to get the golden locks or style the hair of your child to fit it, you will not go wrong with this costume.

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